About Us

Before telling you who we are, please allow us to tell you what we don’t do first.

  1. We DO NOT dropship garbage. We know that some companies have a bad reputation online for sending bad quality products. However, we are different. We admire Xiaomi's company style - good products at an affordable price

  2. We do not ignore any customer requests.

  3. We are not lazy. We reply to your email within 12 hours, maximum.

  4. We do not want to become an empire company. We just focus on what we can do and do things well. We want to be a small company because small is beautiful. Growing too big will cause disorder, and we may forget our precious customers' needs, causing us to lose sight of our original mission.

  5. We don't sell fake products. Fake products are terrible, and we value our customers' trust. Losing their trust would cause us nightmares.

Now, let us introduce ourselves. We belong to Jack's Beijing tour company, which has been providing inbound tours for over ten years in Beijing. You can even Google Jack's Beijing tour and read our many excellent reviews on TripAdvisor by following the link below. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we lost everything, and our company closed.


To be honest, we have been struggling for the past three years due to the pandemic. Our company provided inbound tours in Beijing, and we had no luck. We had to close in April 2020. I think we all suffered a lot from this virus, especially if you are in the travel or restaurant business. I even lost my car, girlfriend, most of my employees, my peaceful life, and everything. However, I chose not to give up. Giving up was not my first choice. Last year, I even tried to be a freight driver, but it didn't work out. It wasn't suitable for me. Our company didn't make any money in the last three years. Therefore, this year, we started a new small business, E-commerce. We treasure this opportunity and carry on our original philosophy: Customers number one, Employees number two, Making money number three.

We believe that if we focus on our customers, everything else will follow.

Now, let me introduce our brand, Wear Jade.

Our brand name is not just about wearing jade jewelry. The name in Chinese comes from "Dream of Red Mansions," one of China's ancient four great classic novels, where the protagonist Lin Daiyu is the earthly incarnation of the Crimson Pearl Flower. In a previous life, Baoyu was a stone and, as a stone, had captured water with which he nourished the flower. Born an innocent beauty, Lin Daiyu loved and hated without a qualm. She yearned for spiritual rather than material gratification. Jia Baoyu, as a lineal descendant of the Jia family, was its heir apparent. However, the handsome and smart young man was nowhere near what the family would like him to be, rebelling against traditions, opposing inequality between masters and servants, and disdaining the conventional ethics of treating women as inferior to men. When the two came together, they found a lot in common and plenty of love for each other. We inherit and deeply believe in these values, and wear gemstones hoping to bring such spirits, positive energy, good fortune, and protection to ourselves, and add fashion beauty and classical beauty to our outfits.

At the same time, we hope that you can live a healthy, peaceful, and elegant life.

Below are some pictures of our factory in Foshan.